Liberal Transparency

Shift the locus of power
Competition the defining characteristic of human relations
Redefining citizens as consumers
Democratic choices are best exercised by buying and selling
Alternatives treated as inimical to liberty
Tax and regulation privatized
Distortions that impede the formation
Inequality is recast as virtuous
Blood which trickles down to enrich everyone
Both counterproductive and morally corrosive
Everyone does not get what they deserve
The rich persuade themselves that they acquired their wealth through merit
Ignoring the advantages
And class
The poor blamed for their failures
They can do little to change their
Feckless freaks
Improvident Titans
Enemies of diversity and life
A world disgraced by a polluted nuclear Holocaust
Melted plastic and active decay is what I see if we do not act
The plan is always changing
Never stop acting
Live ruthlessly
Your code
Your honor
Your life
No masters
Lead on my sons and daughters and free yourselves
Cuz those who will not fight for freedom will never find it
Moral decay and dull light but I will carry on
There is no more to fear when you can live free
learning to supply yourselfs
Governed by competition, evolve
If they get fat, it’s your fault
So little to offer
So much to face
Will we collect
You choose infuse
Will you hang up and lose
Another sun rise tomorrow
Another choice to make
How to live
When you die
If you live
If you die
Not to late to try
Try to live
Try die
Both achievable
But equally as hard
What can you learn
What will you experience
Can I ask you What About Me?
Harm-self, disorder eating
Depression, loneliness,
Perform anxiety and social phobia
We are all still here
Still breathing
Still slow
The Road to Serfdom
By crushing individualism
We are lead to totalitarian control
Masters of the Universe take their seats
Dystopian think-tanks plan their feasts
WE are failing
Failing to regulate competition to prevent
Monopolies rewarded for efficiency rotting the core

Mission Statement of Dirt

WEll, I was wandering down this road ahead of me. I found out chasing my own tail who I was, but at first it smelled all wrong. You get to looking at yourself in the mirror, think your somebody, only when you look again you find out you are some one else. Some things stay the same at least for a while. When our time here passes, there aint no promises you can make to give me faith. What you believe, how you act . . . who you are. So I make my “now” count the best I can. Death is the only promise I can’t break, and the only one I want to. I love you, man in the mirror. I love you like no one else can, and I hate what you hate, I see what you see, come with me where we can be free.

I want to create life, love, art. I want to grow, hunt, and harvest. The obstacle in front of me is the only way of life I’ve known. How to live. Educate, reclaim my mind from oppression, consumerism. Open up my life, expand my character, and I call out into the unknown. Allies, I want humans worth being loyal to. I want honor, respect, and sustainability. Things I would share if I only knew how to obtain and maintain.

SO, threw trial and error I will share my experience. I will record, document, and ultimately learn. What we do for ourselves we teach our children to do for themselves. I wan’t to reclaim, revive, and rewire my self. Threw art, threw action, I will stand in the face of indifference and scream until I am heard…


Cosmetic Landscape

Imagine, create, destroy the system
People are predators of them self’s
For after all, our greatest natural resource is our fellow man in the concrete jungle.
Urban cities waste is matched only by the suffering of the world, our weight in waste is exponential.
We can create new ways to live, literally evolving our minds, destroy waste, imagine yourself and become your self, chaos is constant, nature can be cold and hard but nature will always change, if we wish to stay happy and stand the test of time. Even gravity has exception, unpredictability has always prevailed, existing like life on earth in spite of extinctions, plagues, genocides, nuclear weapons, in spite of our rejection, ignorance, and struggle to separate from nature we are alive and we will all die and decay, thus we are a part of nature. So, I feel it you and me vs. T.V. ! ! ! Mass media, advertising, public daycare indoctrination education, just remember one way or another you are being conditioned to sit down shut up and do what a good consumer does . . . keep the ritch ritch. It’s a race for the top, but they just keep building higher, one day its gonna drop. Continue reading

Good luck and good night

From one to another
Particle mass
From nothing
Comes something

Light waves
Kinetic energy
Taken for granted
Chaotic semantics

Gravity beckons
From within
Empty consumption
Black holes

Industrial A.I.
Empty eyes

Together alone
United nothing
My singularity
Ego essence

More to love
How to hate
What to create
How we remake


Multi verse

Rest my mind
Reality reminds
Rewind wishes
Results running

Good luck and good night.

Nothing left to see here

Take a seat or do your dance
But get the fuck out of my way
I’m making way through you
No chance for treason
No rhyme no reason

Shaking till I’m stiff
Crawling for nothing
Giving back to death
Stealing my ambitions

So why don’t you just
Sit down and shut up
Pretending pretending
To give up give a fuck

Handle this fucking scandal
Dealin with a devils man
So many hue’s sapiens sand
My life my luck so long
sad songs singing clinging
To something real to feel
Something worth living for

Torn between subconscious and sanctuary
Always say thanks

Appropriate Priority


What is appropriate in a world of atom bombs and professional killers I mean really what is left of courage or honor, its what we grow how we live, apathy, hunger, commercial enemies, creativity flourishes in desperation, but will societies creative edge be dulled by consumers addiction to convenient demise, the fat lining up for diabetes and heart disease, the starving locked out of the dumpsters, now this food rots away from our local ecosystem, while the economy crashes threw our future like a 200 tone dozer, we must learn to evolve ourselves with our actions, turn revolution into evolution, we can live without dependency to globalized industry, without pollution, without all of this imposed suffering. we can live in mutual respect for each other and every living thing. I know I will respect life as I expect death. Equality will find us . . .

dada h!p5t3r ab5urd!5t 50ng.

Step up step out, relaxed your doubt cuz you still gatta die.

UP!::urban po'E.Tree(s)

dada h!p5t3r ab5urd!5t 50ng.

i’m surrounded by ghosts.
addicted to phone apps,
a mexican hipster,
i make myself sick.

off the hook on the moon,
interplanetary and imaginary
are all of my friends
found asleep at the wheel.

the thief
came and took the country away.
his goons came in over night,
and walked out by morning away
with everything:
our freedom and democracy.
got us hooked on technology
too distracted
to notice that something is happening,
so we all just be like

i became on the day
i learned to be critical
of everything politicians said.
thank you for that lesson dad.

our native lands from government hands.
this time we won’t ask.
we’ll have to go and demand
and incite the truth to ignite

a flame
to illuminate roads yet to be taken
by children not yet awaken
before the corporation rakes…

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